Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is an amalgamation of art and technology. Lighting is essential to help people understand and experience architecture in a better way. It adds on to the emotional value of the monuments and buildings by breathing life into them.Every monument demands a different lighting concept depending on its history and usage. It is critical to identify the kind of lighting which will effectively accentuate the features of a monument.

Having created the most spectacular architectural lighting and projection solutions, we’ve successfully lightened more than twenty monuments across India. 

Some notable projects include:

  1. Illumination for Statue of Unity- Gujarat
  2. Shaheed Smarak, Raipur, Chattisgarh
  3. IFCI Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi
  4. Light and sound show at Old Fort- New Delhi
  5. 3-D projection mapping, laser and sound show at Sanchi Stupa- Madhya Pradesh.