Theatre Shows

Theatre lighting is one of the most intentional types of lighting which must be synchronised with the concept and mood of the show. Theatre shows are tough as they require a lot of rehearsals and lighting decisions are extremely time-sensitive. Every millisecond counts. MSS ensures that the director’s vision for the piece is achieved with a well-lit stage as per the script’s need. 

We’ve been contributing to the success of plenty of on-stage and live shows, namely, Vande Mataram, Tughlaq and Andhayug for the Government of India; The Legend of Ram and Peppa Pig in Delhi.

In addition to these, we’ve also collaborated with renowned choreographers and directors over the years like Amir Raza Hussain, Shovana Narayan, Raja and Radha Reddy, Uma Sharma, Bansi Kaul, Bhanu Bharti, etc.